How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits

Did you know there are different types of naps, depending on the length? In this video, you are going to learn the ideal nap time and how it can benefits your brain and overall health.

All it takes is a few nights of little to no sleep for you to notice the consequences. And that doesn’t just mean that you look tired or have bags under your eyes. That means you’ll experience drowsiness, fatigue, memory loss, bad concentration and mood swings.

If you’re like most people, you need a nap after just a few hours, right?

In fact, naps are great at helping us feel better after a bad night’s sleep.

Up until now, we know that sleep is important in order to retain and consolidate knowledge, resolve creative problems, and regain strength.

Not sleeping can have terrible long-term consequences, and has been associated to diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and even death.

However, how long you nap for can be very important.

If you’re thinking about incorporating naps into your routine, try to do so between 1 and 4pm, in order not to interfere with your sleeping patterns.


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