How Much Walking You Need To Lose Weight?

Comfortable, practical and above all, economical.

Walking is one of the most recommended physical activities, to help you improve your body’s health and well-being. Besides, walking is super healthy.

But how should you walk? And how much should you walk?

With what kind of intensity?

And for how long?

Watch this video until the end and you’ll find out all of the answers to these questions.

If you aren’t used to walking, start slowly.

Five minutes is a good start.

Then, gradually increase the length of your walks until you’re able to walk 30 minutes a day.

By walking for 30 minutes a day you’re already doing great things for your body, reducing the risk of a stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Not only that, but walking will improve circulation, because it reduces blood pressure for 24 hours after you finish exercising.

Your heart valves will work better, facilitating the circulation of hemoglobin and the oxygenation of your body.

Here are some more benefits of walking daily:

1. It combats depression

This isn’t new information.

Physical activity releases hormones called endorphins, which are responsible for the sensation of pleasure and relaxation.

2. It improves mental health

Everyone may not know this, but walking helps reduce problems in the brain, such as poor memory and an attention deficit.

In addition, it slows the aging process and keeps the body in shape.

3. It combats diabetes

Did you know that walking stimulates the production of insulin?

Insulin is a very important substance since it’s what makes the cells in your body absorb glucose.

Walking stimulates its production because the liver and pancreas are stimulated to work during the walk, causing more blood circulation through all the organs.

4. It facilitates weight loss

When we accelerate our body’s metabolism, we burn fat.

Therefore, the faster we walk, the thinner we’re likely to become.

5. It helps avoid osteoporosis

Walking stimulates and strengthens our bones, increasing their density and preventing osteoporosis and arthritis. It does this by improving our circulation.

6. It decreases stress

Our body and mind become more relaxed when we walk, decreasing the likeliness of depression and other diseases.

7. It improves sexual activity

Good circulation and oxygenation of cells can only result in the health and well-being of the body.

So I’m sure you’re not surprised to know that walking 30 minutes a day increases sexual desire and energy.

Walking to Lose Weight

To burn calories, you need to walk at a constant rate.

This is something that most of us don’t pay attention to.

Also, it’s very important to be aware of the number of steps.

Walking about ten thousand steps in an hour is usually suitable for those who want to lose weight quickly.

If you walk like that, you’re body will be able to burn fat.

To lose weight, you should walk at least three days a week at this intensity.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to count the steps!

The pedometer is a very good piece of equipment that can help you on your walks.

It’s a portable device that counts a person’s steps by detecting the movement of their hips.

In addition to counting your steps, it also tells you your average speed and how many calories you burned.

It’s sold in sporting goods stores and on the internet.



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