How the 5 Love Languages Can Improve Your Relationships

Have you been feeling disconnected from your partner lately? Despite giving 100% you might
feel your relationship withering away. The five love languages can help you to communicate with your partner much better. Usually, your partner will respond to at least one of these, you just need to find out which works best for them. In today's video let's see how each of these five love languages translate into your life.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Words of affirmation – 00:31
2. Quality time – 03:02
3. Acts Of service – 04:26
4. Receiving gifts – 05:09
5. Physical touch – 06:14


1. Words of affirmation

This is the first love language. But before we dive in deep, let’s see a simple example.

Imagine your body has a love tank, just like the oil tank of a car. In order to be madly in love with someone, your love tank needs to be filled up. When the tank is full you are happy in a relationship. This is probably when the relationship has just begun and you are enjoying the honeymoon period.

2. Quality time
When any relationship matures it becomes less exciting. You start thinking about where the person went that you actually fell in love with. You always look for sustainable long-lived passion in your relationship. Even if it isn’t always laughing and smiling, it is a commitment.

3. Acts Of service
If your partner speaks the love language of acts of service then you might want to do some nice things for them.

4. Receiving gifts
Gifting is one obvious way to symbolize love and affection. It shows the time and effort you've invested in that person. And it doesn’t have to be something that’ll break the bank like pearls and diamonds. Small things can mean just as much.

5. Physical touch

We have arrived at the final love language. If your parents cuddled and hugged you often when you were little, you would expect the same kind of love from your partner. And, this goes beyond the bedroom. It can be anything from a simple pat on the back to kissing.

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