How to Dye and Color Red Hair Without Chemicals

In today's video, you will learn how to dye or retouch your red hair naturally at home.

Do you have gray hair? Do you want to learn how to dye at home naturally? Many people worry about the excess of chemical substances found in hair dye.

If you want to dye your hair more naturally, there are many methods for it.

You can lighten your hair using honey or lemon. And you can even highlight your color with a variety of herbs, teas, and powder products. Did you know that?

Besides, you can intensify the color or even make red highlights. See how:

Use redbush tea

Have you ever heard about redbush tea? We recently talked about how it helps your skin health. Did you watch it?

If your hair is already red, you can use this tea to intensify its natural color. However, red bush tea can't make your hair red by itself. It only works to highlight the red that already exists.

You can also use hibiscus tea, although this method takes longer and, sometimes, needs more applications to get the desired results.

Use beet or carrot juice

If you want to give your hair a red hue, use beet or carrot juice. For a dark red or strawberry blonde, use beet juice. If you prefer a more orange-red hue, use carrot juice. Isn't it cool?

0:00 How to dye red hair naturally
0:37 Dye hair using redbush tea
1:16 DIY Hibiscus tea hair dye
1:49 How to use beet or carrot juice to dye hair



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