How to Get Rid of a Neck Hump at Home (Easy Method)

You probably have seen someone with a slight volume on their neck, close to their nape, and asked yourself what that was.

It usually reminds us of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the old witches of fairytales, doesn't it?

The correct name of this deformity in the upper back is kyphosis. Have you ever heard it before?

Kyphosis isn't a disease, just the name for the curvature in the upper back.

When we look at someone's side view, we see four curves in their back: cervical lordosis (a slight back curve), thoracic kyphosis (a front-to-back curve), lumbar lordosis, and sacral kyphosis.

If you have this issue or know someone who does, know that if not treated, kyphosis can have severe consequences, like hyperkyphosis and vertebral fractures.

However, if it is still in the beginning, you can get rid of it by correcting any muscle imbalances and changing some of your daily habits.

Pay attention to your sleeping position
When sleeping, keep your spine in a position similar to the ideal standing position, with the shoulders low, back straight, knees relaxed, and hips aligned to the shoulders.

Watch your weight
Being overweight is one of the factors that cause the neck hump, but it isn't fat that travels to the back of the head.

Stretch your neck
Stretching the neck muscles helps eliminate inadequate postures that lead to neck humps, improving your muscular system.

Strengthen your back muscles
Experts say that exercises to strengthen the upper part of the body, including shoulders and neck, are good to prevent and treat neck humps.

If you have a neck hump, your neck muscles are probably too tense. Release them doing the technique we will show you in this video.

And lastly, fix your posture!
The neck hump is usually accompanied by a posture where the head is projected to the front, beyond its normal alignment. In this case, you have almost 10 extra pounds of strength for every inch of curvature.

So, did you like these tips? Do you other ways of getting rid of a neck hump? Share your experience with us!

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0:21 What is kyphosis
0:55 What causes a buffalo hump on the back of the neck (kyphosis)
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