How to Increase Fertility With The Help of Chinese Medicine

In today's video, we will talk about infertility through the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine.

We already talked about how traditional Chinese medicine views a series of conditions, like sleep, kidney and lung health, and many others. Have you watched any of these videos?

Way before Western medicine was introduced in China, they had a series of practices and old techniques to treat health issues.

The first register of this is in the Yellow Emperor's Book, around 200 BC, which brings conceptions about human diseases, causes and treatments, and prescriptions about life.

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, 15% of couples in this world have trouble getting pregnant and receive the diagnosis of infertility?

Infertility is the dysfunction in conceiving through sexual intercourse without using contraceptive methods during the first year.

Did you know that getting pregnant isn't as easy as it seems? Even for couples without any fertility dysfunctions, the monthly chance of a fertile couple getting pregnant is around 15 to 25%.

While sterility can't be solved, infertility has some alternative treatments. Today, we will see how Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help with that.

Infertility is multifactorial and involves both partners. Did you know that?

For those who wish to have a baby, positive lifestyle changes are crucial.

And that's where TCM enters.

If you already know or have used Chinese medicine to improve your health, share your experiences with us.



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