How To Maintain The pH Balance In Your Body

Have you heard about the importance of body pH? That’s right, your body has a delicate acid-alkaline balance. It should never be disturbed if you want to live a healthier and happier life.

In today's video, we are going to discuss how to maintain the pH balance in your body. What drink do you need every morning? Does exercise have a role in this? What foods do you need to eat more? We will be talking about all of these AND more.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Start your day with a magic drink – 00:26
2. Exercise your way to a healthy pH level – 02:05
3. Eat these Awesome foods – 02:40
Jalapeno – 02:51
Asparagus – 03:25
Grapes and Pineapple – 03:52
Broccoli – 04:24
Tomatoes – 04:57
Oranges – 05:36
Red Onion – 06:10
Leafy greens like Spinach and Parsley – 07:01


1. Start your day with a magic drink
Yes, there is a magic drink that can bring your pH balance to the right level. But you need to drink it daily. Before I reveal this drink, you need to know the ideal pH level of your body.

2. Exercise your way to a healthy pH level
When you exercise hard, your body increases its breathing rate and circulation. This causes you to breathe deep, which removes more carbon dioxide from your body. As a result, you experience alkalizing effects.

3. Eat these Awesome Foods
Foods help maintain your body pH levels tremendously well. Here is a quick lay down on what to eat to maintain your pH levels.

Those green, spicy toppings on your pizza play a deeper role than you think. Jalapenos belong to the pepper family and are alkaline in nature. This means when eaten, they promote alkaline levels in your body.

Now this isn’t exactly the best topping for your pizza, but it’s great on its own. Asparagus is rich in alkaline properties. The high level of pH makes it an excellent choice if you are acidic. Asparagus has a pH factor of 8.5. This helps you combat acidity issues.

Grapes and Pineapple:
You need these two fruits! They have an alkalizing effect on your body, along with multitudes of healing properties. These delicious fruits work like magic to balance your body’s pH level.

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