How to Protect Your Skin From Blue Light Pollution

In a not-so-distant past, we talked about the harms of blue light. Did you watch it? Do you know its damages?

For how long are you exposed to screens? Do you use your phone and computer a lot? Did you know that all this time in front of screens can accelerate your aging process?

According to a study by the University of Oregon, prolonged exposure to blue light emitted by phone and computer screens can affect longevity, and if that wasn't enough, your skin too!

In a study where researchers exposed fruit flies to blue light, they discovered that screen exposure can significantly reduce their life span.

One of the symptoms is aging eyes, which happens due to the wear of the eye muscles, which lose tonus and contract the crystalline, responsible for vision.

Other symptoms are side effects on the brain and movements. That's scary, isn't it?

We decided to make this video since maybe you are one of the lucky ones that can work from home.

Perhaps now that you are inside all the time, you aren't thinking about protecting your skin.

If you take care of your appearance and skin, you probably do all the steps to have perfect skin, but did you think you would need to protect your skin even when not going out?

Did you know that 60% of people spend more than 6 hours a day glued to a screen?

According to dermatologists, 48 hours of exposure to a computer screen correspond to almost the same level of exposure to 20 minutes under the midday sun.

In this video, we will explain why this is bad for your skin.

Another thing that helps a lot is to adjust the colors of your screen depending on the hour.

Many apps change your phone's light from blue to yellow/orange (considered friendly to our eyes and skin).

Although almost impossible nowadays, consider reducing your phone use before bedtime to maintain your circadian cycle balanced and avoid affecting your sleep and health.

0:00 Effects of blue light on skin
1:35 Blue light harms skin regeneration
2:03 It contributes to the premature aging of the skin
2:25 It can cause spots
2:47 How to protect the skin against blue light?



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