How To Remove The 8 Most Common Food Stains

Getting ready for a busy summer? With all this rushing around, we barely have time to eat. I was moving so fast to get out the door the other day, I spilled hot coffee all over myself. A gross stain on your shirt is enough to ruin your day. Most of us know how that feels. Luckily, there are a few hacks you can try to get these stains out. Let’s talk about ways to remove common food stains.

How do you remove chocolate? What’s the best way to tackle fruit? Wait, can you actually get rid of gum? We’re talking all that AND more, so stay tuned!

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Tomato Sauce – 0:33
Chocolate Stains – 1:34
Grease – 2:33
Coffee – 3:52
Ketchup – 4:53
Berry Stains – 5:58
Red Wine – 6:48
Gum – 7:46


Tomato Sauce
Tomato sauce can be delicious, but it’s a pain to cook with. If the sauce is really runny, it doesn’t take much for it to splash everywhere. Before you know it, your clothes will be covered in tiny red spots. Not even an apron can help you.

Chocolate Stains
Chocolate stains can be hard to come by, but when they happen, boy are they a pain to get rid of. On a hot summer day, eating chocolate can be the kiss of death. Whether it’s ice cream, or a candy bar, the melted chocolate can easily drip onto your shirt.

You may like greasy food, but trust me, you don’t want greasy stains all over your shirt. We sometimes get grease on our hands, and unknowingly transfer it onto our clothes. Sometimes grease can be so runny, it leaves our shirt looking see through.

We’ve all been there. You’re driving to work and reach to take a sip of your coffee. Your car goes over a bump and BAM! Your coffee’s all over your shirt! Not your ideal way to start the morning.

Yeah, spilling hot coffee on yourself is painful, but the frustration you feel after accidentally getting ketchup on your white t-shirt is almost incomparable.

Berry Stains
While most of us enjoy a fresh bowl of berries from time to time, getting berry stains on your pants is enough to make you never want to eat them again. Let’s say you find a bit of blueberry on your shirt. You’re going to want to attack this stain ASAP. There is a chance it could be permanent.

Red Wine
This is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. So many of us have lost precious clothing items over silly red wine stains. Well, that ends today, folks! It’s going to be difficult, but it’s doable.

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