How to Reverse Grey Hair With Charcoal and Coconut Oil

We recently talked about using coconut oil on hair. Did you watch it? We were trying to find out if it could darken or lighten the hair.

The fact is that coconut oil doesn't do either. It doesn't matter if your hair is dyed or natural coconut oil doesn't interfere with the color pigments.

It's easy like this. The only things that can darken or lighten your hair are products made for it, both commercial or natural.

In today's video, you will see a recipe with charcoal and coconut oil to “hide” gray hair.

Coconut oil has antioxidant properties that strengthen the hair, stimulates the scalp to produce more hair, and leaves your hair more hydrated and glossier.

Besides, it reduces split-ends and frizz, improves blood circulation in the scalp, and creates a protective barrier against external damage, such as sunlight, chlorine, salt, chemicals, hairdryers, and flat irons.

Charcoal helps remove dirt from the scalp, getting rid of dandruff and reducing flaking, itchiness, and irritation.

It also unclogs the hair follicles, eliminating oiliness from the scalp, one of the main factors for hair loss. Unclogging the hair follicles helps with hair growth.

If you have this problem, try the recipe and share your experience with us.

0:00 How to get rid of grey hair naturally
0:33 Benefits of coconut oil for hair
0:58 Benefits of charcoal for hair
1:14 Coconut oil and charcoal recipe to cover grey hair



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