How to Store Leafy Greens to Keep Them Fresh for Weeks

Do you like salads and leafy greens?

If you love green leaves, you probably want to have them in all your meals, right?

And, even if you are not the biggest fan of greens, you probably have heard of their many health benefits.

One way or another, they are more than welcome at our meals.

But, tell us something: do you know how to keep your green leaves in the fridge?

The downside of leafy greens is that they are very sensitive and can spoil quickly.

So, your only options are to make frequent trips to the market or completely forget about salads, right? Wrong!

The secret is to learn how to make your greens last longer in the fridge.

In this video, we will explore some essential tips to keep your greens always fresh and make them last up to 7 days in your fridge!

After being correctly cleaned, dried, and stored, your greens will surely last for longer.

Do it now and see how your days will get easier and healthier, then come back and share your experience with us.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 How to make your leafy greens last longer
1:31 How to store leafy greens to keep them fresh



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