How Young Is Too Young To Let Your Kid Lift Weights?

How old were you when you first started working out? For many of us, fitness is an interest we develop at a very young age, whether you’re athletic, or just looking for a new hobby. The problem is you may still be a little too young to be working out that hard. That’s right, I said it. Let’s talk about that today.

At what age are you ready for exercise? What are the exercises you should be doing? What happens to your body if you’re too young? We’re talking all that AND more, so stay tuned…

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Intro – 0:00
Are Kids In Shape These Days? – 0:27
Social Media – 1:09
Eating – 1:55
What Age Should You Start Working Out? – 3:05
Benefits – 4:21
Dangers – 5:28
What Exercises – 6:37
NOT do – 7:10


Are kids in shape these days?
As of 2022, studies are showing that 75% of American teens aren’t getting enough exercise. This is probably due to lack of energy from poor sleeping habits and bad diet. This is becoming a bigger problem as the years go by.

Social Media
Recent studies have shown that kids spend anywhere between 5 to 7 hours a day on social media!

It should be no surprise that adolescents are eating way more meals out of the house than they are from the comfort of their kitchen.

At what age should you start working out?
Well, for one thing, this question is a little more complex than we think. There are so many different types of exercise. To put it simply, kids should start engaging in physical activity from as early as 7 years old.

Outside of muscle strength and endurance, strength training can benefit them if they’re getting into sports. Exercise can protect a child’s muscles from sports-related injuries. It’s especially important if this sport requires them to move at a quick pace, like football and soccer.

There’s always danger when it comes to working out. Even for adults. But when children exercise, they need to be sure they can handle the amount of weight they’re working with. An intense amount of weight can result in easy injury.

What exercises should teenagers do?
Whether it's at the gym, or outdoors on a nice day, there are plenty of exercises for teenagers to do. It’s recommended they start out with simple things like walking or running. Teens are also avid cyclists.

Which ones should they NOT do?
If you’re under the age of 20 and you find yourself in the gym, you may want to avoid using heavy machines. These require you to use more strength than your body can handle.

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