If You See This On Your Nails, It Could Be a Tell-Tale Sign Of Diabetes

You’ll be shocked to know how common diabetes is. One in ten people in the US struggle with this chronic disease. On top of that, one in three Americans has prediabetes. What’s worse is that only 15% of people with this condition know they have it. The rest go undetected. This is why it’s even more important to learn about the tell-tale signs of diabetes. One of them appears on your nail.

In today’s video, we’re going to discuss the appearance of your nails and the signs of diabetes on them. Is it a slight blush on your nails? Could yellow, brittle nails be a sign? What about distinctive lines across your nails? We’ll be talking about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Your nails turn yellow and brittle – 0:56
Shortened nails – 1:36
Blush on the nails – 2:10
Lines across your nails – 2:36
Frequent urination – 3:25
Blurry vision – 4:03
Extreme fatigue – 5:25
Wound healing – 6:30
Thickening of skin – 7:18
Blisters on your skin – 7:52
Dark Patches – 8:33


Your nails turn yellow and brittle
Sometimes, your nails can turn yellow. It’s probably because of an infection caused by fungus. In some very rare cases, the yellow color on your nails could be from a condition called yellow nail syndrome.

Shortened nails
Some of us have the habit of biting our nails a lot. If you’re always biting your nails, they’re going to be shorter. There would even be breakage, because of the constant biting.

Blush on the nails
If your nails are healthy, they’re usually pink in color. The color of your nails also tends to be even.

Lines across your nails
Vertical ridges on your nails are a normal occurrence. It’s just a consequence of aging. But if you see horizontal ridges, then you might be suffering from type-2 diabetes.

Frequent urination
One of the indications of diabetes is when you start to urinate at a much higher frequency than usual. This happens because of the high blood sugar levels in your body.

Blurry vision
Diabetes can also cause blurry vision. It can be a minor issue you can fix by taking some eye drops or even getting your blood sugar levels to stabilize. In some cases, however, it can be a more serious issue.

Extreme fatigue
One of the most common symptoms you face when you have diabetes is fatigue. It’s not a simple correlation either. The disease itself causes extreme fatigue because of your glucose and blood sugar levels.

Wound healing
If you suffer a minor injury and the wound does not heal as quickly as it usually does, it could be a symptom of diabetes. When your blood sugar levels are high, it hampers your body’s ability to heal wounds.

Thickening of skin
Digital sclerosis is another tell-tale sign of diabetes. This condition makes the skin on the back of your hands look waxy and tight. Over time, your fingers will get so stiff that it will be hard for them to even move.

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