Improve Your Digestive Health With These 9 Yoga Poses

Do you often feel bloated and uncomfortable? While acidity relievers and certain meds might be a temporary solution, finding something natural and lasting will serve you better. The answer for many people is yoga!

That’s right! ‘Yoga’ is a traditional practice of harmonising your body with the mind. You also master the art of breathing. Yoga has a rejuvenating power. Believe it or not, it can improve your digestive health. In today’s video, we’ll be discussing yoga poses for better digestive health.

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Intro – 0:00
Seated Side Bend Pose – 02:29
Knees to Chest pose – 03:16
Cat-Cow pose – 03:56
Bow Pose – 05:11
Seated Twist Pose – 06:13
Spinal Twist Pose – 07:06
Cobra pose – 07:56
Triangle pose – 08:26
Corpse pose – 09:07


1. Seated Side Bend Pose
This is a great pose for beginners! It stretches the belly muscles, lower & upper back and shoulders.
2. Knees To Chest Pose
This yoga posture relaxes you, while stretching the pelvis. The pose gently massages the large intestine to promote better bowel movements.

3. Cat-Cow Pose
As the name suggests, this yoga pose gently transitions between the two classic yoga positions, cat pose and cow pose.

4. Bow Pose
For this cool pose, you actually bend your body into the shape of an archer’s bow. This is one of the most important poses for your gut health.

5. Seated Twist Pose
This pose involves a twisting motion, which promotes bowel regularity and stimulates digestion in your belly.

6. Spinal Twist Pose
This is a great pose for strengthening the spine, and stretching the lower back. It improves digestion and eases constipation.

7. Cobra pose
As the name suggests, you need to imitate a cobra in its upright position! Cobra pose helps to improve posture, stretching your belly muscles, and supporting your general digestion.

8. Triangle pose
This yoga posture alleviates constipation and increases your appetite. The triangle pose energises the abdominal organs, especially the digestive tract. It also improves digestion.

9. Corpse pose
This is the easiest pose of the bunch. You want to relax after practicing different poses, right? The corpse pose is usually performed at the end of your yoga session.

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