Make This Recipe To Eliminate Kidney and Gallbladder Stones Naturally at Home

Gallstones and kidney stones cause strong pains and can have many different causes, such as genetic factors, excess of alcohol or salt, or lack of water in the body.

But, do you know the difference between kidney stones and gallstones?

We have already talked about both of them on our channel, but many people still mix them up.

Urolithiasis, commonly called kidney stones, is when small crystals form a small, solid mass.

These “stones” can be found on kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra; Basically, in any of the organs that form the urinary tract.

Gallstones refer to the presence of one or more crystals in the gallbladder or on the common bile duct (composed of the cystic, hepatic, and choledoctal ducts), in a region also known as duodenum.

Bile, made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder, is important for digestion and fat absorption, following the path of the bile ducts. That’s why it can also be found in this area.

Now that you know the difference between these two things that occur in the human body, did you know that there is a natural and safe way of eliminating them?

If your problem is kidney stones, avoid foods that produce uric acid, such as meat, fish, offal, liver, kidney, eggs, and dry vegetables. You should also reduce your salt intake.

But, if your problem is gallstones, avoid foods that are rich in calcium, oily foods, such as fried foods, dairy, margarine, and eggs.

Avoid also foods rich in uric acid, which are also responsible for causing kidney stones, like meats, fish, offal, liver, kidneys, eggs, and dry vegetables.

In both treatments, it is important to have a diet based only on fruits and raw salads.

Many people only go to the doctor when their pain becomes unbearable, and they have to go through emergency surgeries.

In these cases, natural treatments won't do much.

Get into the habit of doing these treatments once a year to control these issues, and notice the differences in your health.



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