Periodontitis: Stages, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

In today’s video, we’ll be talking about periodontitis (pare-ee-ah-don-tight-iss). What is it exactly? What are the stages? How is it different from gingivitis? What are its symptoms? We’ll be discussing all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
What is Periodontitis? – 00:21
Stages of periodontitis – 00:52
Inflammation (gingivitis) – 00:55
Early periodontal disease – 01:31
Moderate periodontal disease – 01:58
Advanced periodontal disease – 02:16
Symptoms – 02:49
Causes – 03:20
Treatment – 04:54
Oral hygiene practices – 04:56
Professional cleanings – 05:51
Antibiotics – 06:21
Surgery – 06:33


What is Periodontitis?
Periodontitis is an infection in your gums. This is usually due to bacteria that has collected in your teeth. If you leave periodontitis untreated, the infection will spread. But, if you catch it early, you can avoid serious damage. Of course, this also means you need to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid getting the infection again.

Stages of periodontitis
1. Inflammation (gingivitis)
The first stage of periodontitis sees the gums becoming inflamed. This is known as gingivitis. How do you know you have gingivitis, though? The first sign is your gums bleeding when you brush, or floss.

2. Early periodontal disease
After gingivitis, you will go through the early stages of periodontal disease. With this, you’ll see your gums receding. What this means is there will be small gaps between your gums and teeth.

3. Moderate periodontal disease
If left untreated, you will continue to bleed, while now feeling pain around your teeth. After a while, your teeth will start feeling loose. This is because they lose the support of the bone. As a result of the infection, there may be inflammatory responses in the rest of your body.

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