Prevent Heart Attacks By Eating These 16 Arteries-Cleansing Foods | Unclog Arteries Naturally

From fatty fish and flax seeds, to berries and citrus fruits, we’ll discuss all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Fatty Fish – 00:31
2. Flax Seeds – 01:14
3. Berries – 02:08
4. Citrus Fruits – 02:44
5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 03:15
6. Avocado – 03:34
7. Legumes – 03:54
8. Tomatoes – 04:22
9. Allium (ally-um) Vegetables – 04:49
10. Cruciferous Vegetables – 05:09
11. Walnuts – 05:38
12. Beets – 06:05
13. Spinach – 06:32
14. Dark Chocolate – 06:56
15. Spices – 07:18
16. Green Tea – 07:40


1. Fatty Fish
Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines come packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are unsaturated fats, which come with anti-inflammatory properties. They help make sure you’re protected from vascular inflammation and atherosclerosis (athero-skler-osis).

2. Flax Seeds
Flax seeds, just like fatty fish, are a great source for omega-3 fatty acids. Considering they are plant-based, people who chose not to eat fish or meat can get their fatty acids from flax seeds. Along with the fatty acids, flax seeds also have fiber and antioxidant compounds known as lignans.

3. Berries
Berries like strawberries, blackberries and raspberries have properties that can be especially helpful for your arteries. Berries are packed with compounds like quercetin (qwer-suh-tin) and anthocyanins. These have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

4. Citrus Fruits
Citrus is packed with flavonoids, which have great antioxidant properties. This way, you can ensure the level of free radicals in your body is maintained so you won’t suffer oxidative stress.

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