Probiotics or Prebiotics, Which Is Better, And Why Should You Care

In today's video, let’s run through the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics, along with foods that are loaded with them. Why is having yogurt important? What do you think of tomatoes? We’re talking about all this AND more…

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If you’re someone who takes your health seriously, you’ve probably heard these two terms. They sound the same, but have different roles.

Our digestive tract contains many species of bacteria, also known as gut flora. This consists of both good and bad bacteria.

Probiotics consist of live bacteria and yeasts that are present in certain foods or health supplements. They have many health benefits like fighting the bad bacteria in our digestive system.

Prebiotics consist of certain types of fibers, which are not digested by your gut. The good bacteria in the gut feed on these fibers and remain healthy, maintaining your gut health.

In short, prebiotics are good bacteria, while probiotics are like delicious meals for these bacteria. Both prebiotics and probiotics keep our system happy and healthy.

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