Say Goodbye to Pimples With This Cleansing Juice

We recently talked about some great foods for keeping the skin young. Did you watch that video?

In today's video, you will learn a juice recipe to fight acne. The teenage years come, and with them, the feared pimples. Isn't it true?

We tend to think that this problem ends as we grow older, but many women and men still suffer from acne during adulthood.

Women especially suffer during their periods (when the hormones are in full bloom).

Did you know that the leading cause for pimples is the excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands?

The pores get clogged, inflamed, and, voilà: pimples.

But there are some steps to avoid, or at least reduce, the appearance of acne, such as the aloe vera soap we taught you in this video to eliminate acne and wrinkles.

Besides cleaning, exfoliating, and using specific cosmetics to treat the issue, your diet can also be helpful, and by a lot!

So, why not bet on this detox juice? It cleanses the body and, so, improves acne.

Check out this recipe focused on fighting pimples!

This juice is good because extra virgin olive oil is incredible to reduce inflammation of pimples.

Lemon detoxifies the skin, cleaning and reducing inflammation.

Easy to do, isn't it? Try it and share your experience with us.

0:00 What causes acne?
0:40 Tips to Combat Acne
1:04 Juice Recipe to Heal Acne



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