Scrape Your Tongue Every Morning For These Amazing Benefits

In today's video, you will learn why scraping your tongue should be a habit to add to your routine.

We, westerners, don't have this habit. Yes, we brush our teeth and even our tongues, but scraping it is still unheard of for us, right?

Did you know that this small habit can bring improvements in your life? Tongue scraping is an old technique, recommended even by dentists, but it has never been talked about so much as recently.

According to Ayurveda, tongue scraping should be part of our daily routines. The tongue contains many residues, like bacteria, fungi, toxins and even some residual emotions.

If we don't clean it, the body reabsorbs these residues, which harms the body and the person's balance.

Have you gotten a good look at your tongue today?

According to the millenary Indian philosophy that combines health and wellness, scraping your tongue right after waking up should be one of the first things of your day. This prevents the toxins released during sleep being absorbed and returned to the body with your breakfast.

You don't need to buy a tongue scraper to do it, even though they already exist ​in many different types – plastic, copper, or stainless steel You can start doing it with a teaspoon.

Scraping your tongue has many benefits. Did you know?

How do I scrape my tongue?

Watch the video to learn more!

0:00 Why you should scrape your tongue everyday
1:09 Benefits of tongue scraping
1:25 How to clean your tongue using a tongue scraper



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