Shed That Extra Body Fat With These 8 Drinking Habits You Need To Follow

Many of us focus on our food habits when trying to lose weight, but if you’re serious about it, you’ll also focus on what you’re drinking. Even if you eat well and exercise frequently, too many sodas or alcoholic drinks can derail you.

In today’s video, we’ll highlight expert-approved drinking habits that can help your weight loss regimen. Is avoiding sugary mixers a good idea? What about drinking black tea? We’ll talk about all this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Drink More Veggie Juice – 00:29
Watch The Amount Of Alcohol You Pour – 01:56
Don’t Drink Booze On An Empty Stomach – 03:15
Drink Lots Of Water – 04:22
Switch To Black Tea – 05:44
Avoid Sugary Mixers – 06:44
Drink Less Booze In General – 07:53
Limit Yourself To Just One Alcoholic Beverage A Day – 08:48


1. Drink More Veggie Juice
The benefits of veggie juice are endless. It can protect the heart, increase hydration, reduce hair loss, cleanse the body, lower your risk of chronic disease, support skin, increase circulation, and strengthen the immune system.

2. Watch The Amount Of Alcohol You Pour
According to studies, people who drink less booze gain less weight, and live healthier lifestyles in general.

3. Don’t Drink Booze On An Empty Stomach
Feel like having a drink? Well, make sure you've eaten something.

4. Drink Lots Of Water
Everyone knows you should drink water throughout the day. If you have it in the right amounts, you can lose weight.

5. Switch To Black Tea
Green tea increases your metabolism slightly, which means you burn more calories.

6. Avoid Sugary Mixers
For those of you who fail to understand the trouble here, sugar is a basic carbohydrate, which means it simply supplies energy to our bodies.

7. Drink Less Booze In General
According to certain research, drinking may offer health advantages.

8. Limit Yourself To Just One Alcoholic Beverage A Day
For all you people thinking you now have to stop drinking entirely, have no fear!

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