Study Reveals Eating Healthy Reduces Risk of Getting COVID-19

During these troubling times we are living, what are you doing to improve your health?

Did you know that eating vegetables 3 to 5 times a day can lower the risk of getting sick from Covid? That's what scientists have told us recently.

The experts from King's College, London, asked 600.000 people to write down what they used to eat before the pandemic started.

The participants were divided into five groups based on how healthy their diets were.

They were monitored for nine months and were asked to inform the researchers if they had contracted coronavirus and for how long they were sick.

The results showed that those who ate more vegetables had 40% fewer chances of being hospitalized and needing oxygen in case of infection. Incredible, isn't it?

And did you know that these same people had 10% less chance of catching the virus?

The researchers defined as healthier those who ate two fruits and three different vegetables a day.

They also ingested only 200 grams (7 ounces) of fish during the week, like salmon and sardine, and lowered their consumption of processed foods with fat and sugar to the bare minimum.

On the other hand, the group with an unhealthy diet was the one with people who ate less than two pieces of fruits during a week and spent a few days without eating any vegetables.

What group would you be put on?

After these factors were considered, the researchers concluded that participants with a healthier diet had 40% less chance of suffering from severe Covid and 10% less chance of catching the virus.



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