Sweet Basil Tea: Treats Digestive and Respiratory Problems and More!

Do you know sweet basil?

As you may have guessed from the name, sweet basil belongs to the same family as basil and is used in soups, stews, and beans.

It has a lot of benefits, thanks to all its vitamins and minerals.

Sweet basil is appreciated in the whole world, and it is great for avoiding heart issues and high cholesterol levels.

It also helps with cold, flu, coughs, hoarseness, phlegm, sore throat, and other respiratory problems.

It supports weight loss, reduces bloating, fights poor digestion, congestion, flatulence, and stomach issues.

Sweet basil can fight insomnia and anxiety, promotes brain health, and prevents neurological diseases.

If these benefits weren't enough for you, it is also antibacterial and can fight infections. How incredible is that?

Watch the video to learn how to make sweet basil tea!

Now tell us: do you use sweet basil?

Did you know all the benefits of sweet basil?

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0:09 Sweet basil benefits
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