Swim 3 Times A Week And See What Happens To Your Body

Do your lungs get stronger? What about your asthma? Will people with arthritis and multiple sclerosis find it useful? How about weight loss and muscle definition? We will be talking about all of this AND more.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Stronger Lungs – 00:33
2. Improves MS – 01:58
3. Weight Loss – 03:23
4. Improves Sleep – 04:27
5. Stronger Muscles – 05:29
6. Improves Joints – 06:38
7. Reduces Stress – 07:18


1. Stronger Lungs
Want to improve your lung capacity? It’s important to have your lungs working to their best ability.

2. Improves MS
If you have Multiple Sclerosis, swimming is one activity you can do for both fun as well as relief. And that’s not just us saying that, even science backs up the claim.

3. Weight Loss
Well…well… Who doesn’t want to lose weight? Thanks to the extra soda, fries and delicious burgers, obesity has become a growing cause of concern worldwide.

4. Improves Sleep
Nearly 50% of older adults experience some level of sleep trouble. There is good news for them. Swimming promotes healthy sleeping patterns. And even science supports the claim.

5. Stronger Muscles
There is a reason why all regular professional swimmers have such great bodies. I mean have you ever looked at an Olympic medal winner like Michael Phelps?

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