Symptoms Of Blood Clots You Must Not Ignore | Dangers Of Blood Clots

What causes blood clots? Why are they so deadly? How many types of blood clots are there? When should you see a doctor? We’ll discuss all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Why are blood clots so dangerous? – 00:27
What causes blood clots? – 01:09
Types of blood clots – 02:00
1. Arterial clot – 02:52
2. Venous clot – 04:32
When should you see your doctor? – 06:10


Why are blood clots so dangerous?

A blood clot is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to your body. According to experts, one person dies due to a blood clot every six minutes. That’s how deadly it can be.

The reason they’re so deadly is because they can stop the blood from flowing to vital organs. When that happens, your organs will not receive the oxygen they need to function, causing them to fail. Organs like the lungs and heart start failing within four minutes of losing blood flow.

What causes blood clots?
You may be wondering what exactly a blood clot is. While your blood is mostly in liquid form, the clot is a gel-like clump. A blood clot can be useful when you have a cut, or injuries that result in bleeding. These blood clots will block the blood vessel that has been damaged, and stop you from bleeding.

But when blood clots form inside your body without any real need, and end up blocking your blood vessels, it’s known as thrombosis. These can move quickly to other parts of the body. When they move to the lungs, they cause pulmonary embolisms. If your blood clot finds the heart, you will probably have a heart attack. If it reaches the brain, a stroke will happen.

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