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Shed That Extra Body Fat With These 8 Drinking Habits You Need To Follow

Many of us focus on our food habits when trying to lose weight, but if you’re serious about it, you’ll also focus on what you’re drinking. Even if you eat…

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7 Foods To Eat for Glowing Skin, Plus 7 To Avoid

We all want glowing skin. But are you taking the right steps towards getting it? Just having a healthy skincare routine isn’t enough. You need to pay attention to what…

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16 Morning Habits That Will DETOX You Naturally

We’re all human and partake in the occasional indulgences life has to offer. Unfortunately, this can lead to consequences that are not good for your health. We’re talking specifically about…

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What Happens To Your Gut If You Eat Avocado Every Day

When you first eat avocados, you might notice just how delicious they are! But there’s more to avocado than just its taste. It’s one of the healthiest fruits around. Especially…

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9 Foods That Make Your Liver Stronger

Do you ever stop and realize how unfairly we treat our livers? I mean sure… We apologize to it in advance before a night of heavy drinking. But other than…

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8 Things Your Face Says About You

We’re always conscious of our looks. It doesn’t matter if we’re taking photographs or just standing in public. Some people even have a side of the face that they consider…

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What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Breakfast Every Day

Given everybody’s hectic schedule, we spend more time rushing around than focusing on our health. We sometimes even forget to eat. This includes the most important meal of the day….

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17 Healthy Foods & Drinks That You Should NOT Have Everyday

While most people can benefit from upping their intake of healthy food, it is possible to overdo it. Healthy foods are part of a balanced nutritious diet, but they too,…

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12 Health Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms Every Day

Mushrooms aren’t just a good topping on your pizza, or a wonderful addition to your omelet. Eating mushrooms is healthy for you. So much so that ancient Egyptians even called…

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15 Early Warning Signs Of Heart Disease You Should Lookout For

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States? What’s shocking is that one person dies every 36 seconds…