The 7 Most Disliked Zodiac Signs Ranked

Hey there, viewers! Are you interested in astrology? Discovering your friend’s personality traits using zodiac signs is always fun. It’s a great way to get to know more about who they are.

But, have you ever wondered which zodiac sign is the most disliked? In today’s video, we’ll be discussing our list of the most hated zodiac signs. Why did Scorpio make it to the top of our list? What is it that makes people dislike Virgos so much? We’ll be discussing all of this AND more

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Scorpio – 00:33
Gemini – 01:50
Leo – 03:10
Virgos – 04:38
Aquarius – 06:00
Aries – 07:16
Capricorn – 08:47


First up, Scorpio!
People under Scorpio possess specific characteristics that make them one of the most hated signs. Scorpios often have anger issues.

Next on our list is Gemini.
Yes, the sign of twins comes with extreme personalities. On one hand, Gemini can be pleasant and social. On the other hand, they have a dark side. It’s hard for people to understand which side of a Gemini they are on, which makes them frustrating to be around.

Next, we have Leo!
People under the Leo sign usually have a larger-than-life personality, which can be very polarizing to the people around them. Some people enjoy this type of personality, while others are immediately turned off by it. Leos tend to dominate their social groups, which puts them at odds with some people.

Surprisingly, people often hate Virgos.
Those under the sign of Virgo get frustrated very quickly. When something doesn’t go according to plan, or people around them aren’t doing things right, Virgos can be difficult to talk to.

It would help Aquarius people if they showed more compassion.
One of the most disliked aspects of the Aquarius sign is their apathy. They don’t show any real compassion towards people who are facing difficulties or going through a rough time. They can come off as heartless, which makes them one of the more hated zodiac signs.

Can you believe even Aries is hated?
You would think the optimism of Aries would make them a people magnet. While this is a positive trait to many, they do have traits that make them unpopular among their circle.

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