The 8 Most Powerful And Strongest Zodiac Signs

According to the tenets of astrology, every zodiac sign and the natural element that sign is associated with lends certain traits to the personalities of people born under it. Some behaviors and personality traits are more pronounced in certain signs and subdued in others. Our temperament and assertiveness are definitely among them. The element of power plays out differently in different signs. In today’s video, we will tell you the most powerful zodiac signs. Is Aquarius powerful? What about Taurus? Are Sagittarians strong? Watch till the end to learn about all of them and more.

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Intro – 0:00
Capricorn – 00:49
Aries – 02:14
Sagittarius – 03:28
Cancer – 04:53
Leo – 05:45
Virgo – 07:19
Scorpio – 08:43
Taurus – 09:34


Capricorn: People born under this sign have a lot of perseverance and constructive energy.

Aries: It’s impossible to talk about which sign is the most powerful without mentioning physical toughness.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the most emotionally powerful astrological sign. It is a fire sign. So, this may come as a surprise since fire is known to rage out of control and spread wildly.

Cancer: One of the qualities that qualifies Cancer for this list is how fiercely protective they can be of the people they love.

Leo: Predatory Leos are endowed with strong character and will, associated with the instincts of hunting and trophy.

Virgo: Nobody analyzes things the way that a Virgo does. People born under the Virgo sign have a different level of clarity on things.

Scorpio: Scorpio is amongst the most powerful zodiac signs owing to their will and determination to achieve something.

Taurus: This zodiac sign is the last one on our list. They are practical and dominating. They are very well versed with their objectives and approach them practically.

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