The Happiest Zodiac Signs Ranked

When it comes down to the basic needs of humans, their ultimate goal is to be happy and content with life. We crave peace and the promise of happiness and spend a lifetime trying to achieve it. Some get it while for others, their search never ends. There are some people who can be happy in any situation while there are others who remain unhappy in the best of situations. While happiness is a state of mind, a lot of times it can be influenced by your zodiac signs.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Gemini – 00:39
2. Sagittarius – 01:31
3. Libra – 02:09
4. Leo – 02:45
5. Aries – 03:24
6. Aquarius – 04:03
7. Virgo – 04:41
8. Scorpio – 05:12
9. Capricorn – 05:41
10. Pisces – 06:13
11. Taurus – 06:54
12. Cancer – 07:27


1. Gemini: Gemini is the happiest zodiac sign.

2. Sagittarius: Sagittarians are thrill-seekers.

3. Libra: Libras are social beings.

4. Leo: Leos are the most laid back of all the zodiac signs.

5. Aries: Balancing the fiery signs, Aries is a genuine happy cancer.

6. Aquarius: Aquarius people tend to be highly intellectual.

7. Virgo: Virgos function best when everything in their life is planned and going according to schedule.

8. Scorpio: This zodiac sign is very focused, driven, confident and brave.

9. Capricorn: Capricorn is the last earth sign of the zodiac.

10. Pisces: This might be one of the most dramatic signs of all.

11. Taurus: Taurus is the first of the earth signs, meaning that it is very grounded and well, down to earth.

12. Cancer: Cancers are the most caring and giving of all other zodiac signs.

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