The Healing Powers of Hydrolates (Essential Water)

We have already showed you many times how to detox the body using natural juices.

But, did you know that it is possible to naturally detox using teas, extracts, essential oils, and hydrolates?

You certainly have heard of teas and essential oils, and we have even seen some of their benefits on our channel, but have you ever heard about hydrolates?

To make an essential oil, an aromatic plant is distilled, and the water resulting from this process is called hydrolate (also known as hydrosol).

The condensed water that results from distilling the essential oil – which doesn't mix itself with the water – has a certain number of aromatic compounds.

In the past, essential oil producers used to throw this water away.

However, today they have found its value in Aromatherapy.

And, just as essential oils are used to treat us, hydrolates can also alleviate many common diseases, and also help detox our bodies.

The human body is made to naturally eliminate toxins. But because of bad eating habits, use of toxic substances, such as alcohol and cigarettes, and many others, we can feel tiredness, bad digestion, and even mental fatigue.

The symptoms we can show are many, and that's why we need to help our body to get rid of the toxin buildup.

For that, we can count on the hydrolates. Do you want to learn how?

Have you ever done a detox process?

Did you feel any improvements?



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