The Hidden Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners #shorts

It’s well known that too much sugar is bad for your health. But how wise it is to replace it with artificial sweeteners is also controversial.

Millions of Americans use artificial sweeteners as an alternative to sugar.

According to a data analysis by statista, 141.18 million Americans used sugar substitutes in 2020 alone.

Artificial sweeteners contain no or very few calories and are therefore often added to foods and beverages under the belief that they'll help with weight loss.

They're also used in toothpaste, candy and chewing gum to sweeten teeth without the risk of contributing to tooth decay.

Although people usually assume they'll be healthier if they consume artificial sweeteners, a large cohort study of more than 100,000 French adults suggests they may not be as good for us as we hope.

The study found a link between some artificial sweeteners and an increased risk of cancer. However, the researchers clearly state that their findings do not establish a causal link between artificial sweeteners and cancer, and that further studies are needed.

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