The Most Evil Zodiac Signs

Astrology is interesting, right? It’s a fun and different way to get to know someone. There are a total of twelve zodiac signs, each with a fair share of good and evil qualities. But did you know some signs can be more malicious than others?

Is your Capricorn roommate eviler than your Cancer friend? What about your Aquarius sibling? Keep watching to discover which zodiac is the evilest of the signs with our list of zodiac signs ranked from evilest to kindest…

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Intro – 0:00
Scorpio – 00:32
Leo – 01:22
Virgo – 02:07
Aries – 02:36
Taurus – 03:15
Capricorn – 03:58
Aquarius – 04:41
Gemini – 05:22
Cancer – 06:09
Sagittarius – 06:50
Pisces – 07:24
Libra – 08:00


Scorpio is the most mysterious zodiac sign. You can never honestly know what goes inside the head of a Scorpion.

Leo is the diva of all zodiac signs. You know what that means. With the diva comes their diva behavior.

Virgos are perfectionists, and with that comes their obsessive behavior. They won't let go of something unless they have mastered it, be it a school project or a new hobby.

Aries is the most mischievous of all zodiac signs. However silly or fun they may be, it can take a serious turn when they spot a competition.

A bull represents the sign of Taurus. If you know anything about bulls, you must be aware that they are stubborn and angry most of the time.

You will find that Capricorns are determined and practical in most circumstances. Now, this doesn't make them evil, but their stubbornness does.

Aquarius is quite an independent sign, which is a good thing and a bad thing. A positive aspect of their independence is that they are self-sufficient and don’t rely on anyone.

Gemini is the dual sign represented by the twins. They love talking and meeting new people. However, they often find themselves struggling with their duality.

Cancers are like the mother of all zodiac signs. Their sweet and sensitive nature should be enough to tell you that they are not evil. Although not blessed with a name as lovely as their nature, people love to be in the nurturing presence of Cancerians.

Sagittarius is the fun aunt of all the zodiac signs. There is a unique happy-go-lucky charm about the Sagittarians that makes them so carefree and fun-loving.

Pisces live in their dream world and enjoy it; this can be why they come across as rude or unattentive to some people. Pisces have no evil qualities, making them one of the friendliest of the zodiac signs.

Libras are the least evil of all zodiac signs. They are charming and practical. You would love a Libra for how giving they are in their relationships.

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