The Most PAINFUL Thing A Human Can Experience? Kidney Stones – Dr. Joel Abbott, Urologist

Our lifestyle can have a damaging effect on kidneys and can cause kidney stones, medically termed as Renal Calculi. In this video, we will be discussing their types, symptoms, and diagnosis. We will also cover the risk factors involved, the correct treatment one should opt for, and preventive measures.

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Medical Disclaimer:

Intro – 0:00
1. What Is A Kidney Stone? – 0:11
2. Are They Painful? – 1:25
3. How Do You Get Kidney Stones – 3:08
4. Does Sugar Contribute? – 5:24
5. Are There Any Other Symptoms – 7:08
6. Demographic Of People With Kidney Stones – 8:30
7. How Are They Treated? – 10:22
8. Prevent Getting Kidney Stones – 13:10


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