The Perfect Paint Color, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Thinking about which color to choose for your bedroom walls? Well, maybe astrology can help. That’s right, astrology. To be honest, choosing the best color for your home isn’t a cakewalk. Colors have their own impact. In fact, there’s a psychology behind colors that interior designers usually stick to when choosing the appropriate palette.

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about the perfect paint color based on your zodiac sign. Which color should you choose if you’re an Aries? Should you go for pink or green if you’re a Gemini? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Aries. – 00:34
Taurus – 01:25
Gemini – 02:13
Cancer. – 03:01
Leo – 03:49
Virgo – 04:30
Libra – 05:14
Scorpio – 05:45
Sagittarius – 06:26
Capricorns – 07:09
Aquarius – 07:43
Pisces – 08:09


Aries is never boring. Everything about their life is colorful, including their home. The interior decoration in their houses would certainly have a modern look.

People under the Taurus sign are known to be sensual. They’re also headstrong. Obviously, the colors they choose would reflect this aspect of their mood.

Gemini is an air sign. They’re vibrant and energetic. Naturally, their home reflects this energy. Just like their inspiring nature, Gemini prefers colors that have an impact on onlookers.

Cancerians choose a home decor that reflects their somber nature. When you enter a Cancer’s home, you’ll find it very soothing.

Leo loves to put on a show. They love being the center of attention. You’ll often find them making eccentric choices that help them stand out.

Virgos are usually seen as “Mother Earth” types. People under this sign are nurturing. You’ll find that most Virgos are emotional and sensitive.

Libra people are not as close to Mother Earth as Virgos. Their season is usually autumn, but they prefer not to have colors that mimic the fallen leaves outdoors.

Scorpios are mysterious people. They’re completely opposite to Geminis. While Gemini prefers the light, Scorpios like the shadows.

People under the Sagittarius sign get very excited about all the events happening in their lives. They like to decorate their homes in a similar style.

People under the Capricorn sign are born during the winter season. It’s natural for them to want a cozy environment where they can relax.

Aquarius people are the complete opposite of Capricorns. They prefer modernism over traditional values. In an Aquarius home, you will see a lot of modern appliances.

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