The Shape Of Your Butt Says This About Your Health

The shape of your butt says this about your health. The shape of your body, specifically your beautiful butt, can reveal a lot about your overall health. Only the size of it though can show the general health condition of the individual. With that said, people tend to believe that fat storage is bad for health, but further research shows that this may not be true.

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Intro – 0:00
4. Square Shaped: 00:01:50
3. Circle Shaped: 00:02:23
2. Heart-Shaped: 00:02:42
1. V-Shaped: 00:03:20
Single-Leg Glute Bridge: 00:04:05
Rainbows: 00:04:26
Heel-Lifted Sumo Squat: 00:04:56
Squat to Sumo: 00:05:22
Sumo Squat to Calf Raise: 00:05:45
Walking Lunge: 00:06:07
Clamshell: 00:06:29
6. Quinoa. 00:07:08
5. Nuts. 00:07:30
4. Chicken Breast. 00:07:52
3. Eggs 00:08:27
2. Fish. 00:08:49
1. Oatmeal. 00:09:27


4) Square Shaped. The square shape can depict several things. It may indicate that the individual does exercise, but their gluteal muscles are still weak. The fat distribution may also give the impression that the buttocks extends into the love handles and waist. This indicates that the person may have a little bit of extra fat around the tummy.

Not to worry though, continue to exercise or even ramp up your program to remove the unwanted fat from this area.

3) Circle Shaped. If you have a circle buttock or have seen someone with one, it’s an indication of good health.

The shape also indicates that there is a small storage of fat in the upper part of the buttocks. But there is no need to worry; it’s easy to get rid of.

2) Heart Shaped. This is the shape that most women dream of having. It’s bigger on the bottom and becomes smaller the further up the waist you go. But this shape could also indicate that there is some unwanted fat that is accumulating in the upper body.

1) V Shaped. This shape is more common with women who fall under the older generation category. With age, the fat from the buttocks gradually moves to other parts of the body because of the smaller concentrations of estrogen.

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