The Strange Connection Between Your Kidneys and Emotions

The kidneys are responsible for processing the residues of the body before they are expelled through the urinary system.

We have recently talked about kidneys and traditional Chinese medicine. Did you watch it?

Your kidneys have an important job. If you don't keep them healthy, you may be at risk of dangerous conditions, like renal failure or even more serious diseases.

The primary function of kidneys, and the most known, is to filter the blood and excrete liquid residues. But they do much more than that.

Kidneys are, quintessentially, the organs of physical and emotional balance.

Did you know that kidney issues can be related to the inability to filter, detach, and eliminate unpleasant facts from the past, like feelings and behaviors?

According to Eastern Medicine, the kidneys are the soul's dwelling and relate to the element of water, the origin of emotions, to the ancestral and spirituality. TCM says that the vital force is located between the kidneys – the original Qi.

Externally, the kidneys represent the search for quality in interpersonal relationships and the perception of love for others, like marriage, society, etc.

In TMC, the prolonged aggressiveness in partnerships solidifies in the form of kidney stones.

Kidney pain and stones reveal troubles in relationships that weren't released to be excreted, to be finished.

However, these issues are also associated with the modern diet, full of processed foods, and Western habits.

TCM also says that any human being with kidney issues has a hidden dependence on others, a need for support, consideration, and affection, even if their attitudes tell the opposite.

If you have kidney problems or know someone who does, and can relate to this video, tell us your experience and share it with the person to help them.

0:00 What is the Kidney in Traditional Chinese medicine
1:04 Emotions Associated with the Kidneys
3:26 Heal Your Kidneys with Traditional Chinese Medicine



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