The Surprising Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

We have already talked about the benefits of walking barefoot before. If you still don't know why it is good for your health, watch the video being suggested to you right now.

Contrary to what most people believe, walking barefoot doesn't cause colds and is even recommended by doctors. Did you know that?

It is even more important for children who are beginning to take their first steps, as it is essential for feet development and walking.

Besides, walking around without shoes allows the kid to stimulate the touch, the sensation of textures and temperatures, essential for growth.

Do you walk barefoot? Did you know that bare feet perspire less? This habit can naturally avoid the growth of fungi or mycosis in the nails.

It all seems silly, but believe it: walking barefoot on irregular stones can do wonders for your health! It is a very ancient Chinese practice.

According to them, stepping barefoot on stones stimulates the acupressure points of your feet.

The many nerve endings of our feet are linked to many organs, and stimulating them can:

Fix flat feet
Walking barefoot is an effective and natural way of preventing flat feet.

Benefit your organs
The thicker your blood is, the higher the chance of you developing cardiovascular disease.

Improve your vision
Many pressure points help alleviate headaches and even diseases.

Save you from radiation
Even the smallest connection to Earth is enough to balance us.

Improve your posture
If you are always wearing shoes, the stabilizer muscles of your feet lose strength.

Improve memory
According to studies, only 16 minutes of barefoot running can be enough to improve memory.

Reduce back pain
Shoes are almost always responsible for our pain and suffering. An expert says that your favorite high heels can force your pelvis to tilt forwards, which ends up causing back pains.

0:00 Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot
0:59 Fix Flat Feet
1:25 Benefit Your Organs
1:47 Improve Your Vision
2:02 Save You from Radiation
2:16 Improve your Posture
2:31 Improve Memory
2:41 Reduce Back Pain



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