The Ultimate Guide To Stretching | Stretching Exercises To Burn Calories

In today's video, we’ll be discussing the importance of stretching when getting in shape. How many calories can it burn? How do you stretch properly? Wait, do you guys even know what the point of stretching is? Let’s start with that…

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Intro – 0:00
What is stretching – 00:31
Types of stretching – 01:40
1. Active and passive static stretching – 01:46
2. Dynamic stretching – 03:10
Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching – 03:35
Ballistic stretching – 03:52
So how many calories do you burn? – 04:27
Pre-workout – 06:18
During and before exercise – 06:53
Post-workout – 07:22
Begin slowly – 07:53
Know your own limits – 08:18
Keep going, regardless – 08:35


What is stretching? Stretching prepares you for your exercise. A good stretch involves putting a joint through its full range of motion. If you stretch regularly, you will have a decreased risk of injury and reduced stress levels. It will also make sure all parts of your body are moving smoothly and swiftly. If you aim to get a toned, sculpted body you should give stretching a serious thought. Stretching also torches your calories. So why not try it? Doing full-range movements during a workout can be difficult in the beginning. If you already practice stretching, you may have noticed that your exercise performance has improved.Overexerted & fatigued muscles are relaxed through stretching. A few injuries and tears can quickly heal simply by stretching. If your desk job forces you to work long hours, a quick stretch can give you the relief you didn’t know you needed.
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