The Worst Sleeping Positions, According to a Sleep Doctor

In this video, you’ll learn the worst sleeping positions and the effect this has on your spine, nervous system and overall health.

Did you know that difficulty sleeping affects 10 to 30% of adults at least once a month?

Have you ever asked yourself if your sleeping position can actually affect your sleep and quality of life?

Many people think that the best position to sleep is the most comfortable one, and most don't even think about it, but this question is relevant and, from a physical point of view, you shouldn't sleep in just any position if you want to sleep well and take care of your health.

Many studies have shown that poor sleep may be related to many diseases. So, certain positions can be better for your spine or if you suffer from apnea, snoring or insomnia.

According to experts, the sleep position can either help or hinder your body's relaxation, as it affects the quality of sleep, oxygenation of tissues, and circulation.

What you should avoid:

Sleeping on your stomach
Sleeping in a fetal position
Sleeping without or with too many pillows

Now that you know the 3 positions to avoid while sleeping, studies also showed that sleeping on your right or left side brings different benefits.

One of them, for instance, says that sleeping on your right can cause heartburn, while sleeping on your left puts pressure on the internal organs, like the liver, lungs, and stomach.

It was also shown that sleeping on your left side helps with digestion because of the position your stomach assumes.

0:00 Introduction
0:50 The worst sleeping positions
2:28 The health benefits of sleeping on your side


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