These 7 Types Of Touches Are Powerful In Marriages

In today's video, let’s have a look at a few types of touch that will keep your marriage alive and well.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Morning Cuddles – 00:28
2. Goodbye Kisses – 01:28
3. Hug And Greet Eachother – 02:41
4. Holding Hands – 03:42
5. Knee Or Foot Touches – 04:21
6. Dance The Night Away – 04:56
7. Personalized Spa Sessions – 05:47


1. Morning Cuddles
There's nothing like waking up beside your favorite person in the morning. This may sound a little cheesy, but it's extremely important. It becomes easier to take each other for granted and overlook small things that can have benefits.

2. Goodbye Kisses
Marriage can sometimes feel dry. This is why a smooch every once in a while is good. It can be a kiss on the cheek, or one on the lips. All that matters is that it's a kiss.

3. Hug And Greet Eachother
What's the first thing you do when seeing your partner after a long day's work? Do you start venting about how terrible your boss is? Do you simply go down into the basement for some “me” time? Whichever it is, try greeting them with a hug first.

4. Holding Hands
This is one of the more straightforward ways of showing your partner you care for them. Everywhere we go, we see at least one partner holding hands. Hand holding is something we learn as little kids. It’s an ability we’re born with. So why do we do it less as we grow up?

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