These “Magic Mushrooms” Can Help Fight Your Depression, Here’s How!

In today's video, let's discuss how you can use mushrooms to fight depression. How many mushrooms can you safely eat? What is the one special ingredient that makes them so helpful? We’re talking about all that AND more…

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Whether you follow a plant-based diet or not, try and include mushrooms in your cooking. You’ll get plenty of nutrients.

Initially, nutritionists thought of mushrooms as a simple item you put on top of your dinner. But today, mushrooms are seen as having a ton of positive effects on your health. So needless to say, their value has increased.

Mushrooms are loaded with protein. They also have great fiber content, which helps your gut. As for their vitamins and minerals, mushrooms also carry beta-glucans, selenium, copper and potassium.

Nutritionists have now started to see mushrooms in a new light, as they’re free of fat, cholesterol and gluten. They also have low calories and sodium.

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