These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Get Back With Their Ex

It's only logical to separate after a breakup. But a simple text or just running into your ex can bring a landslide of nostalgia. You might be tempted to rekindle the relationship. A few zodiac signs defy all logic and are ready to wear those rose-tinted glasses and give another chance to their ex.

In today's video let's discuss which zodiac signs are most likely to return to their ex. Are committed Taureans on the list? What about the sensitive Pisces? Let's jump in to know more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Taurus – 00:31
2. Cancer – 02:05
3. Virgo – 03:41
4. Pisces – 05:17
5. Libra – 06:06


1. Taurus
You are a hopeless romantic and love being committed to a long-term relationship. You always weigh the pros and cons before getting into one. Breaking up with your partner can make you very uncomfortable because you might fear leaving your comfort zone. You might feel like going back to familiar situations and people who align with your daily habits and thoughts. With your lover gone you might feel like being tossed in a bucket of cold water and your long-term dreams shattered.

2. Cancer
Cancerians don't like changing the status quo. Change literally gets on your nerves. You love being committed to the core and are a fierce lover. That is why it largely depends on who initiated the breakup. If you’re the one who began it, you would be perfectly fine. But if you have to take the onus of a failing relationship you will be shaken for a long time. This water sign can also feel particularly connected to the past.

3. Virgo
This earth sign is practical and efficient. You will do everything to be the perfect partner. This perfectionist zodiac sign tries to analyze all the scenarios before and after a breakup a little too keenly. You take the relationship step by step. While you think Virgos might not be ready to go back to their exes, the opposite might be true.

4. Pisces
While some might struggle to get back with their ex, Pisces finds this as the only obvious decision. If a Pisces is heartbroken they’ll be curious and try to go over it again and again in their head. In reality, they are never done with their exes.

5. Libra
Libras are hands down the most lovey-dovey kind. You have a balanced personality just like the balance that depicts you. You always give 200% to any relationship. That’s why when it withers away you’ll crave your ex-partners’ company. You might even turn into one cyber nut and stalk your ex on social media. You will keep doing it for days, months, and even years. Time won't affect you and you might feel that every post put up by your ex is just for you.

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