These Zodiac Signs Are The Healthiest

In today’s video, we’ll tell you what zodiac signs are the healthiest and not so healthy. But not just that, we will also talk about your health weaknesses and strengths.

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Intro – 0:00
Aries – 00:26
Taurus – 01:12
Gemini – 01:56
Cancer – 02:48
Leo – 03:39
Virgo – 04:23
Libra – 05:06
Scorpio – 05:46
Sagittarius – 06:29
Capricorn – 07:19
Aquarius – 08:27
Pisces – 09:16


1. Aries: As an Aries, you land on the average point of the health scale, being neither ultra healthy or prone to sickness. You won’t have to deal with too many health issues during your life because you adopt a healthy lifestyle from an early age and you are likely going to the gym or you exercise outdoors.Your proclivity towards an active and adventurous lifestyle ensure that you maintain a good level of general fitness throughout your life. You have a lower than average chance of suffering from joint problems, such as rheumatism and arthritis.

2. Taurus: Taurus ranks about ninth on the health scale, meaning that you do tend to suffer from more health problems as you age. The throat, lower jaw and production of insulin is governed by your sign. A strong Taurus can lead to fine teeth and good hearing. You also have very healthy skin, hair and nails. You can keep looking young and beautiful, decade after decade.

3. Gemini: Highly sociable and fun-loving people, Gemini is one of the signs more prone to ill-health than others. You may often face issues with your nervous system. You may benefit from a healing modality called ‘earthing’ to counteract the possibility of future health issues. Earthing is very simple and means spending as much time as possible with your bare skin in contact with the ground – walking barefoot or lying on the beach or on grass.

4. Cancer: Cancer is between Taurus and Gemini on the health horoscope scale. This means you are prone to a wide variety of illnesses, which are more inconvenient than serious.

For more information and the rest of the zodiac signs, please watch the video until the very end.

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