They Say Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Is Good For You… Here's Why

We all have our own unique morning routines. For millions, the first thing to do upon waking is to grab a cup of coffee. Hopefully, after today’s video you will add a glass of warm lemon water to your schedule. Lemons are a treasure chest full of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that are vital for good digestive health, a healthy immune system and great detoxification.

In this video, we’ll examine how 9 health problems could be resolved by drinking just one cup daily.

1. Relieves Cold and Flu symptoms

Vitamin C-rich lemons help prop up our body’s defense system. These natural antioxidants join forces to kill germs and bacteria, and promote healing.

2. Fights Inflammation

Anytime an acidic environment is rampant, inflammation will follow. Thankfully, we have nature on our side. Lemons can neutralize the acidity and fight the inflammatory and thereby, reduce pain and swelling. Those who suffer with chronic inflammation, such as arthritis, are discovering that lemon water is a natural, refreshing remedy.

3. Elevates Moods and Boosts Energy

We’ve discussed morning routines. But what about those afternoon routines? Some of us habitually run out of stream by mid-afternoon. The next time you fall victim, drink lemon water – not coffee. Coffee can be responsible for that late day caffeine crash. On the other hand, lemon water will boost your energy and lighten your mood.

4. Aids in Digestion

To properly digest food, the body creates its own juices within the stomach, and it’s much like the atomic structure of lemon juice. When lemon water flows through our body, it deceives the liver into producing bile. This is what gets the green lights flashing so food will keep on moving. Lemon water is also a beneficial way to calm an upset stomach or relieve indigestion.

5. A Body Detox

When the body takes its sweet time to digest food, it can extract nutrients from food at a slower rate of speed. The acids in lemon juice can help reduce this speed. The slow motion also permits insulin levels to be properly maintained. Also, drinking lemon water routinely can stimulate the liver to eliminate harmful toxins.

6. Supports Weight Loss

In conducting animal research, scientists discovered that the polyphenol antioxidants in lemons play a major role in helping people lose weight. It also improves insulin resistance. Since lemon water is so beneficial in animals, they are hopeful the results will be as rewarding in humans.

7. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Another mineral floating in lemon juice is potassium. Besides its ability to regulate high blood pressure, potassium also helps eliminate dizziness and nausea. Another benefit is its capacity to promote a soothing, calming sensation. This is profoundly beneficial for anyone plagued with stress, high blood pressure or heart issues.

8. Helps Prevent Kidney Stones
Anyone who has endured painful kidney stones may already be well informed of the benefits of citric acid in lemons. One way to lower your risk of developing kidney stones is to increase your citric acid intake by drinking lemon water regularly.

9. Improves Skin Conditions

Face it – our faces need some tender care. The health and beauty industry is counting on you buying their expensive products to make your face glow. But here’s an inexpensive way – just use lemon juice for a natural antiseptic. Many already rush for lemon juice when they have had an encounter with a bee’s stinger. The juice also can relieve the pain of sunburns, and reduce redness caused by acne or eczema. Lemon juice also helps us turn back the cruel hands of time by acting as a natural anti-aging remedy and erases fine lines.


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