This Berry is One of the Top Chinese Longevity Secrets

Goji berries and their health benefits have recently been discovered by those in the West. However, they’re not new in Asia. Chinese medicine has been using these small berries for centuries.

Goji berries are recommended for everyone, regardless of age or ethnicity. They do a great job of beefing up our immune system, improving our athletic performance and even allowing us to get a good night’s sleep. Their benefits are wide-ranging and well-documented.

Consider seven ways that this low calorie, nutrient rich berry can help you:

1. Regulates Blood Sugar
Goji berries contain complex carbohydrates making them a blessing to those who suffer from diabetes. They help regulate the amount of sugar released into our blood. These hypoglycemic effects brought on by goji berries fight diabetes naturally because they balance the glucose levels, preventing the highs and lows of blood sugar.

2. Battles Cancer and Builds Up the Immune System
One of the best ways to fight the common cold is by getting enough Vitamin C. One of the best ways to boost our immunity and prevent the common cold is by getting enough Vitamin A. Goji berries provide high levels of both. They also contain powerful antioxidants which have been proven to fight harmful toxins as well as tumor growth. 3. Flushes The Excretory System
Cleansing has recently grown in popularity, thanks in part to Goji berries. The Chinese see them as essential for the proper function of the liver and kidney. They have been used to treat kidney stones and cleanse the liver.

4. Boosts Energy
Studies suggest that supplementing our diet with goji berries has several important benefits to our overall mental health. Drinking goji berry juice not only improves digestion, but also gives us that extra kick of energy that we are often lacking. Finally, it’s been shown to have a positive effect on our mood.

5. Provides Essential Nutrients
Carrots contain high levels of beta-carotene. Spinach is rich in iron. But did you know that Goji berries contain higher levels of both beta-carotene and iron that either carrots or spinach? That’s not all. They also contain zinc, riboflavin, and all of the essential amino acids—making them an important source for protein.

6. Promotes Healthy Eyes
Comparing them to carrots again, we find that, like their orange counterpart, Goji berries also contain carotenoids. One those carotenoids is called Zeaxanthan. Its job is to protect the eyes—from dangerous UV rays and free radicals. The antioxidants in goji berries are also necessary in the fight against age-related eye issues such as macular degeneration.

7. Improves the Skin
Just like goji berries help protect our eyes against free radicals and damage caused from the sun, they also do the same for our skin. It’s been proven that regular consumption of goji berry juice can provide extra protection for those who are susceptible to skin cancer, as well as other skin problems associated with damage from harmful UV rays.


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