This Common Vitamin Is Proven to Reduce Anxiety and Stress (Niacin for Anxiety)

In this video, we will talk about niacin (or vitamin B-3), a long-standing known natural treatment for chronic depression and anxiety.

Anxiety is becoming a part of our everyday life. Whether it has to do with school, work, relationships, social interactions, health issues, or even other issues such as politics, our world is so fast paced and hectic that anxiety and stress plague every situation we’re in.

It’s really inevitable to feel stressed or anxious occasionally, but when this feeling insists on persisting or having extreme physical symptoms it becomes something worth worrying about.

You might find yourself being fearful or tense in situations that don’t necessarily call for it or viewing the world as threatening and minor threats as major ones.

If you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder then there are a few different treatment approaches that you can consider.


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