This Delicious Carrot Jam Recipe Can Help You Improve Your Health

Have you ever heard about carrot jam? It may sound weird, but carrots are delicious and get even better in this homemade recipe!

Today, more and more people are trying to have a healthy diet with less sugar and processed foods.

Thinking about it, nothing better than making your own jam at home, right?

Have you tried to make jam at home before?

Share with us your favorite recipes or which homemade jam you tried and loved.

Besides using healthy ingredients, this recipe also uses a part of fruits that are usually discarded: the peel. We even have a video about some foods that you can eat unpeeled.

This jam is made with unpeeled carrots, lemon juice, orange peels, and demerara sugar, which doesn't contain chemical additives like other sugars.

We already explained most of the benefits of the ingredients on our channel. You can learn more about them by clicking on the suggested videos at the end of this recipe.

Some of the benefits of carrots are that it helps treat constipation, prevents the formation of kidney stones, purifies the intestine, eliminates toxins, and helps in the adequate absorption of nutrients.

Carrots are rich in minerals, vitamins A, B, C, and E, and potent antioxidants that improve lung, liver, and kidney function and help prevent different types of cancers. Isn't it wonderful?

Watch the video and learn how to make this recipe!

Try this jam and share your experience with us.

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1:04 Health Benefits of Carrots
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