This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Sugar

The sugar statistics in the U.S. are pretty bleak. They say the typical American eats 6 cups of sugar every week. That’s 152 pounds of sugar in a year! Why are we eating so much sugar? Well, first of all, it’s everywhere. As the most popular food additive in processed foods, sugar is hard to avoid. Secondly, it’s highly addictive. Most of us are addicted to sugar, whether we realize it or not. Quitting sugar is a difficult task, but it can be done. And trust us, your body will thank you for it.

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Intro – 0:00
You’ll cut cravings 00.46
Clear complexion 01.14
You’ll sleep better 01.48
Weight loss 02.16
Reduced Blood Pressure levels 02.35
Lower diabetes risk 03.01
You won’t get sick as often 03.28
Improved mental health and mood 03.56
Better energy levels 04.35
Lower heart attack risk 05.03
Prevent fatty liver disease 05.30
Better teeth 05.59
You’ll have a sharper brain 06.44
Better gut health 07.32
You’ll feel less “hangry” 08.12


1. You’ll cut cravings: Foods filled with simple carbs and refined sugars like doughnuts, cookies, and white bread can cause dopamine spikes, causing sugar cravings.

2. Clear complexion: There are certain types of food that can cause acne; processed sugars are among them.

3. You’ll sleep better: Breaking up with sugar won't solve your sleep problems overnight.

4. Weight Loss: Losing weight is one of the most important health benefits of quitting sugar.

5. Reduced Blood Pressure levels: Apart from weight gain, increased consumption of sugar can raise your blood pressure levels.

6. Lower Diabetes risk: Excessive sugary drinks and high-sugar foods can affect your body’s blood sugar management.

7. You Won’t Get Sick As Often: When you eat too much sugar, you wreak havoc on your immune system.

8. Improved mental health and mood: While sugar does not necessarily cause mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, it can accentuate the symptoms.

9. Better energy levels: Sugar sends your energy levels on a rollercoaster.

10. Lower heart attack risk: Heart disease equals a greater risk for heart attacks.

11. Prevent fatty liver disease: As the name suggests, fatty liver disease is a buildup of fat in your liver.

12. Better Teeth: If you like having bright pearly whites, cutting back on sugar is an excellent idea.

13. You’ll have a sharper brain: Sure, now you know that sweets can eat away at your tooth enamel.

14. Better gut health: There are a host of ways that sugar can negatively affect both your digestion and your gut health.

15. You’ll feel less “hangry”: Eating too much sugar might trick your brain into constantly thinking you’re hungry.

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