This Is What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality

They say blood is thicker than water, but did you know that your blood type can help determine the kind of person you are? How exactly? Let's find out!

While considered a pseudoscience by many, blood types often tell a lot about a personality. So, let's start with the rarest blood type…

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Intro – 0:00
AB – 00:19
A – 01:28
B – 02:46
O – 04:18

AB Blood Type Compatibilities – 05:59
O Blood Type Compatibilities – 06:35
B Blood Type Compatibilities – 07:22
A Blood Type Compatibilities – 07:56


It is said that people with this blood type are very creative. They love to live in their own world and they can be a little eccentric. Their way of doing things are different from other people. These types are open to new ideas.

If you ever met a person who seems very warm and wise, then you probably know someone with A blood type. Compared to AB, ‘A’ is rather common.

As we mentioned while talking about AB blood types, B blood types have an affinity towards intellectualism. It's not that they are trying to be intellectuals. They don't want to prove anything to anyone.

O is the most common and the best part, they can donate blood to anyone. This is why O is the most adaptive of all blood types.

Blood Type Compatibilities

Experts believe that AB can get along with anyone. Their adaptable nature helps them balance out the shortcomings of other blood types. Although, B blood type may have some problems mixing with AB blood types.

Well, if the relationship is one based on friendship and equal footing then yes, they can. Unfortunately, sometimes O blood types want to be a little bossy.

B blood types are known to be artistic. This is why other B blood types are a good match for them. If A can deal with B's zen-like nature, it would be a good match. On B's part, they might not like A's temper. It would be too much work.

The best match for A is usually another A or AB. ‘A’ blood types love people they can trust easily. AB's can get along with anyone and other people with A blood type have the same characteristics.

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