This Is Why Your Dog Is Always Licking His Paws

If Low Carbohydrate Works, Why Don't Health Experts and Authorities Advocate It?

In this article I will try to show you to why even when low carbohydrate works, we do not see health experts and authorities advocate it? Why do the health experts and authorities instead preached the balanced diet, the food pyramid?

Diets Make You Fat

Just the word diet gives you an overall unpleasant feeling doesn't it? What's the main reason people go on a diet?

Why Do People Decide To Go On The Raw Food Diet?

In today's day and age, more people than ever are ditching cooked foods and embarking on the raw food lifestyle. Why do they choose to make this change in their life? What factors are driving them to do so?

The Ready To Go Nutrisystem Meals: What Are They?

I sometimes hear from people who don't completely understand the distinctions between the different Nutrisystem meals that are currently being offered. These folks are often trying to determine which plan might be best for them. Understanding the differences between the meals being offered can go a long way toward helping them to make these decisions. An example of a comment that you might hear in this situation might be something like: “I notice that a couple of the Nutrisystem packages contain ‘ready to go meals' and then some contain what is called ‘fresh frozen' meals. What is the difference?”

If I Load Up On Vegetables, Will It Affect My Results On The Medifast Diet?

Believe it or not, I sometimes hear from people who love vegetables so much that they are afraid that the Medifast diet is going to put an end to their daily vegetable habit. Common comments are things like: “I love vegetables and I am used to eating them with every meal and even with my snacks. I am always munching on some vegetable or another. Having said that, this obviously isn't working for me because I really want to lose some weight. I've noticed that on Medifast, you're pretty much eating three servings of vegetables per day. This is less than what I normally eat. If I keep up my vegetable habit, am I going to ruin my diet?” I'll tell you my opinion on this below.

Gastric Band Weight Loss Operations on the NHS

Information about the eligibility conditions for receiving a free gastric band, gastric bypass or similar weight loss operation on the NHS in the UK. Includes a link to further information with price lists and details of how to be considered for surgery and the processes that must be followed.

How Many Calories Are Consumed In A Typical Medifast Meal?

I often hear from folks who are wondering how many calories they might consume each day on the Medifast diet. To that end, many will wonder how many calories are in a Medifast meal. Common comments are things like: “how many calories can I expect to take in every time I eat one of the diet meals? Do the calories vary from meal to meal? Do some have more than others?” I will address these concerns below.

If I Decide That I Want To Go With Another Nutrisystem Plan, Can I Switch?

I sometimes hear from people who aren't sure which Nutrisystem package to order. They are afraid of making the wrong choice because they are afraid of being stuck with what isn't going to work out to be the best plan for them. Some of them wonder if they can switch plans if they end up not wanting to repeat the one that they are now on. Common comments are things like: “I have decided to go with the Nutrisystem basic plan, mostly because I want to save some money. But if I end up deciding that I want to upgrade to core or select plan, can I do that later? Will I be penalized for it? Will there be additional changes to switch over?” Another example is: “I decided to go with the select plan for my first order. But what happens if I decide that I want to go with the cheapest plan the next time? Is there any flexibility to go with another plan?” I will answer these concerns in the following article.

The Master Cleanse Detox Diet

The Master Cleanse is a wonderful detox diet. I am sharing my experience and information on how to start the detox yourself!

Vegetarian Grocery List: What To Buy, Where And When

There is a big discussion going on about how vegetarianism and veganism are diets that only the privileged can follow, because they have a high cost. This is hardly the case though, if you do a bit of planning. As with any other diet, buying processed foods such as microwave meals, cookies, muffins and sauces will cost you. Such choices will affect not only your wallet, but also your health. Eating a clean, whole foods diet on the other hand will save you money both in grocery and medical bills!

Some Of The Tastiest Medifast Breakfasts Today

People often contact me and ask me my opinion on what I consider to be the best tasting Medifast meals. One of the categories that I'm most often asked about is breakfast. This makes sense to me because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I think a lot of people share this preference. There are times when I am perfectly content to have a bowl of oatmeal or cereal for a meal or snack that falls outside of the timeframe for breakfast. I've written in the past about what I considered to be very tasty meals within this category, but the menu has updated and improved since then. So below, I will give you my updated version of what my favorite Medifast breakfast meals are right now.

Paleo Diet Basics – What You Need to Know!

Have you been hearing about the Paleo Diet and been wondering if it is right for you? In this article I go over the Paleo Diet basics, what is different about it and why the Paleo Diet might be right for you!

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